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Your dreams will be achieved when you follow a proven system that you can be successful at. I help others grow by utilizing a system of studying, sharing and relating to others. I us online and offline power social networking as a tool.

Figure out who you can help and remember to:
*Keep A Team
*Keep Consistent
*Keep in the Running
*Keep Contacting
*Keep Informing
*Keep Strong

Want to Step Up Your Game? Stay Focused.

F - Faithful
O - Optimistic
C - Connected
U - Understanding
S - Systematic
E - Energetic
D - Driven

Hello Friends, I call myself "The Dream Weaver". As an only child I learned how to make do, make pretend and make friends. It was important for me to surround myself with other people that enjoyed doing the same things I did. I attended college, got married a couple times, had 5 kids, did 6 years in the Marines, lived in Japan for 2 years, weighed over 300 pounds most of my adult life and most recently in 2009 I weighed 289 pounds. I've lead a troop of 20 Girl Scouts, held the title of Mrs. Indiana Spirit and I've made it back from the valley of death. l continue to challenge myself and others to be who they want to become. It's just a matter of thoughts and timing. Are you ready to challenge yourself? If so, contact me. I can help.

"Your Transformation Is Just A Shake Away"

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